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A History of Broadway Guitars 



Broadway 1845 & 1846 Semi-acoustics

In the Rose-Morris catalogue of February 1961 is shown a Broadway Bass Model 1857. This guitar, although built in the UK and almost certainly originating in the Fenton-Weill factory, is complimented by the 1845 and 1846 models, which were entirely different, being semi-acoustic guitars. The Broadway 1845 was the one pickup model and the Broadway 1846 being the two pickup model.

These two guitars were similar in size and shape to the Hofner Club, with square or round control panels that carried the volume and tone control knobs, one of each for each pickup. The semi-acoustic 1845 and 1846 semi-acoustics most definitely originated in (what was then) West Germany and again, were imported by Rose-Morris for their use under their own Broadway brand name.

The guitar is uncommon.  It is possibly made of a laminated wood, rather than a solid carved top. The 'f' holes are unbound, as is the fretboard. The fingerboard is of rosewood, with simple dot fret position marker inlays, in mother-of-pearl.  The slanted headstock, minus the Broadway logo, which is presented on the guitar's upper body bout, (although in white plastic, as on the Plectric range, not stencilled) has 3-a-side tuners with white plastic tuning buttons. The tuner posts have ferrules, unlike the Plectric range. The plastic pickguard is of faux tortoiseshell.

The fingerboard radius is particularly steep, which in itself is not usual.

The guitar came in a 2 or 3 colour sunburst and a dark stained natural colour.

The beautiful 3-colour sunburst 1846 model, shown above  is owned by Thor Kolbinson, who also kindly provided the photos for use. 

The one pick up 1845 model (shown below) in sunburst is owned by the father of Russ Barton, who submitted these photos to our Broadway Guitars Facebook page. It's a very rare guitar, clearly shown with the Broadway logo and in lovely condition.

Broadway 1846 semi-acoustic guitar
Broadway 1846 semi-acoustic guitar
Broadway 1846 semi-acoustic guitar
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