Broadway Plectric 1923 & 1927 (1962-63)

2nd Generation models with vibrato

A History of Broadway Guitars 


Predictably, the Broadway Plectric 2nd generation models also became available with an added vibrato unit. The Broadway Plectric 1923 was the single pickup model and the Broadway Plectric 1927 the two pickup variety. The body shape remained the same as the rest of the Broadway Plectric range, the only difference to its style from earlier models being the smaller, slimmer pick up size and lack of a pickup surround,  just like it’s vibrato-less ‘sister’ guitar. Again, the smaller pickups denote a second generation model from around 1962/3.

The Broadway Plectric 1927 guitar, (shown above right) displays an uncharacteristic headstock logo. Rather than the usual embossed plastic Broadway logo, this guitar (belonging to Mark Harvey) has a waterslide decal usually associated with the cheaper budget Broadway guitars, (shown in the photo immediately above) although there is a difference in the design (the ‘Foreign’ wording has been removed). Towards the end of 1963, many Broadways showed some considerable variation in the parts used. Volume and tone knobs, pickup covers and other parts were often different from one guitar to the next, presumably as whatever factory stock was available was used before production finally ceased.

The Broadway Plectric 1927 guitar, shown on the left, is in particularly good shape and shows the complete tremolo unit, so often missing from these old guitars.

My own Broadway Plectric renovation had a tremolo arm but alas, no tip. The Broadway tips came in red (shown opposite) or occasionally in white. Luckily my enquiries found Alan Exley at Project Guitars who kindly made a white one up for me.


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Despite lacking the volume and control knobs (and as usual, the headstock logo!) the above Plectric 1927 guitar is in very good shape and according to it's owner, played very well. 


The above four photographs and the cased guitar at the top of this page were taken by Jack Hoff and were used by permission of the guitars' former owner.

Photograph  above: Jack Hoff 


Photograph  above: Jack Hoff 


Photograph  above: Jack Hoff 


Photograph  above: Jack Hoff 



Photograph  above: Jack Hoff 

Press to play the sound of the bridge and neck pickups together, as demonstrated and submitted by Henning Nør, from Denmark.